[TRANS] Kris @ YES Magazine Issue 1158

 As the leader of a group, a lot of times, the amount of stress one receives is a lot more than that of the other members. Just like popular male group EXO-M’s leader Kris, recently being worried over the group’s comeback activities at the end of the month! Not only does Kris have to take care of the member’s daily practice, he still has to worry about the big and small things related to the promotions, don’t even talk about not being worried! Besides putting in his 100% into his job, Kris is also a well-known as a 100% filial son, calling his parents almost every single day to report on his daily life, and even wants to buy a big house for his parents! Not only that, but Kris is leaving his wedding plans to his parents, even if his parents were to want him to get married immediately, he is willing to! Capable and filial, where are you to find such a perfect man?

Recent happenings

Q1. What has your job been recently?
A1. Preparing for the promotions for our upcoming first album ‘XOXO (Kiss& Hug)’

Q2. The big scale event you’ve attended recently?
A2. Dream concert

Q3. Your recent goal?
A3. Properly prepare for our comeback, and to do better than last year.

Q4. What have you been worrying over recently?
A4. The big and small things related to our comeback stage

Q5. The person your most recent phone call was made to?
A5. Parents

Q6. Your favourite things to wear as of late?
A6. T-shirts, skinny jeans

Q7. The person you’ve taken a photo with recently?
A7. The members

Q8. Recently what have you bought that made you happy?
A8. Snacks

Q9. The most recent colour of your hair?
A9. Dark brown, does hair cut short look nice?

Q10. What was the most recent thing you dreamt of?
A10. I’ve already forgotten…


Q11. Your favourite past time?
A11. Basketball, watching movies

Q12. Your favourite movie actor?
A12. Actors who can act well like Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro

Q13. When do you feel you are the sexiest?
A13. Before I sleep, when I’m washing my face and brushing my teeth, because my face isn’t swollen

Q14. The things your ideal woman has?
A14. Someone more filial, who is understanding and considerate, it’s best if she knows how to cook, actually there is no definite answer

Q15. What do you like the most about yourself?
A15. Height

Q16. How do you like a girl to dress?
A16. There’s no definite answer, as long as it’s not overboard, something simple and comfortable

Q17. The type of books you like?
A17. Self-improvement books

Q18.What do you do when you’re not happy?
A18. Sleep, be by myself.

Q19. The kind of clothes you like to wear?
A19. T-shirt, jeans

Q20. Do you like horror movies?
A20. I watch them, but don’t particularly like them

Daily life

Q21. The places you frequently go to?
A21. Home, practice studio, sometimes I’ll go out with the members to watch movies

Q22. Any weird habits you have?
A22. When I sleep talk, I’ll do it in many different languages

Q23. What is something you think you are better at than the members?
A23. Knowing many different languages

Q24. Do you laze in bed in the mornings?
A24. Yes, for at least 24 minutes before I get up

Q25. Do you live with your family or members?
A25. Members

Q26. Do you share your personal items with the members?
A26. Yes, it’s usually socks

Q27. How often do you usually wash your clothes?
A27. I wash them every day, because I sweat a lot

Q28. What is something that you cannot stand the members doing?
A28. Acting cute, because I have a soft heart

Q29. Do you think you’re the kind of person who is popular with girls?
A29. Maybe… I don’t know myself (Blushes)

Q30. What do you like to do when you are alone at home?
A30. Read stories, sleep


Q31. How old were you when you debuted?
A31. 22 years old

Q32. The work you debuted with?

Q33. The first television work you appeared in?
A33. A clip for Girls Generation’s 2nd Asian Tour in Taiwan

Q34. What is the most unforgettable thing about growing up?
A34. Being a trainee

Q35. Your dream when you were a child?
A35. To be a singer

Q36.  Your reaction when you found out you were going to debut?
A36. Really? What am I going to do in the future?

Q37. What is the hardest work you’ve had to do?
A37. None as of yet, I enjoy all the work I’ve been given

Q38. What is the period of your life that you miss the most?
A38. The days when I lived together with my parents when I was young

Q39. Your favourite cartoon character as a child?
A39. Superman

Q40. The worst phrase you’ve heard?
A40. You’re really useless


Q41. If you have a two week break, what will you do?
A41. Go home to visit my parents

Q42. If you had a chance to change a part of your body, what would you change?
A42. None, what my parents have given me are all perfect

Q43. If you became one of the members of Super Junior, you will?
A43. Feel immense pressure

Q44. In the future, do you want to have a baby boy or girl first?
A44. Girl

Q45. If 1 billion were to drop from the sky, what would you do with it?
A45. Buy a big and comfortable house for my parents

Q46. If you were in the middle of a holiday and got lost, what would you do?
A46. Ask for help from passers-by

Q47. If you could choose your sex, would you want to be male or female?
A47. Male

Q48. If your parents want you to get married tomorrow, how would you deal with it?
A48.Go along with what they want

Q49. If you’re met with nasty comments from antis, what would you do?
A49. Pretend that I didn’t see it, and continue to be myself

Q50. If you had a girlfriend, what is the first thing you’d want to do?
A50. Introduce her to my parents

source; 小四‘s blog
trans cr; amy @exom-trans
please take out with full credits

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