everysing merchandise update

#everysing NEW-GOODS 出示#2013.06.04 everysing 新的goods出来了!! everysing上新的goods可以见面的机会不要放弃~
From eVERYSING NEW-GOODS (2013.06.04) eVERYSING new goods have came out!! Do not let go of the opportunity to have the latest EXO goods from eVERYSING~

Source: EXO-M Weibo

4 thoughts on “[WEIBO UPDATE] EXO Merchandise via EVERYSING

  1. Hi i live in new york, I really want to buy exo merchandise, ESPECIALLY the exo logo shirt, in medium and in any color. How can i buy it??? PLEASE REPLY or let me know any other sites i can purchase the shirt. THanky you:)


    • Hi Kat,

      I am looking online for an international importer for these merchandise. As of yet, I found 2. I am getting in contact with the admins of those sites. When I get more info, I will contact you again.



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