[FAN PROJECT] Order EXO Everysing Merchandise

I noticed that a lot of fans have been looking on the post about EXO Everysing Merchandise and were wondering how to get it. So I contacted a couple of fanbases and found out that for us Exotics, in the states or internationally…GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY!  We can get it through exospheres. Here is what you need to know to buy the merchandise:

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! We are now taking orders for EXO’s EVERYSING merchandise!
A couple friends of ours are currently in Korea and said they would love to help us out with this buying project. So things for this one will run a little differently: once you guys place your orders, they will buy the merch and ship it to us and then we will ship it to you! Obviously this means that the time frame in which your order will arrive to you will be slower than usual so please be patient with us~

Please see details and prices for each item listed below.

Payment Period: 7/4 – 7/18


EXO Desk Mat – 13USD
EXO Mouse Pad – 6USD
EXO Fan – 4USD
EXO Towel – 13USD
EXO Sticky Note – 13USD
EXO L-Holder – 5USD
EXO Magnetic Board – 22USD
EXO Holder – 17USD
EXO Wrist Band – 9USD
EXO Pouch – 20USD (large), 16USD (small)
EXO T-Shirt – 31USD (members’ faces), 35USD (EXO logo)
EXO Bag – 31USD (tote), 22USD (sling)
EXO Ring – 19USD (gold or silver)
EXO Bracelet – 19USD (4 colors)
EXO Phone Case – 22USD (3 designs)
EXO Oil Paper – 6USD
EXO Pencil – 11USD (set of 6)
EXO Cap – 61USD (ver A), 43USD (ver B, C)

***We currently do not know the cost of EMS, that will be found out later once all the merchandise has been bought and weighed. We will inform you of the cost through email at a later time.


Fill out the order form HERE, fill out your information and choose the item(s) you want in the drop down menu(s)

PLEASE NOTE: FOR: L-holder, wristband, t-shirt, bag, fan, bracelet, phone case, oil paper, and cap—we will ask for your colour/size/style/member option in the confirmation e-mail.


At this time, you only need to send the cost of the merchand. EMS and domestic shipping costs will be determined once we have received all the merchandise.

See our “Accepted Payments” page for the further information on how you can pay for your albums. Please wait for a confirmation email from us before making your payment. Once you have submitted your order, a staff member will email you with the payment information.


Email us at orders@exospheres.com :3


Payments must be made no later than Midnight EST July 18th 2013



Help keep the costs low by spreading the word about this and other buying projects on EXOSPHERES!

Source: exospheres 

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