[NEWS] EXO Breaks the 500,000 mark in album sales!

EXO has set a record by selling the most physical albums this year!

Their ‘XOXO’ album, both the regular and repackaged, sold 501,000 copies as of August 28.  The last artist who managed to sell over 500,000 copies for one album (including its repackage) was Super Junior with ‘Sexy, Free & Single.’

Exo sold 166,000 copies of the ‘Kiss‘ version of ‘XOXO’ and 131,000 copies of the ‘Hug‘ version of the album.  The repackage also sold 123,000 copies of ‘Kiss’ and ‘77,000’ copies of ‘Hug.’

They are the best-selling artists in Hanteo’s history since 2009, and since they are still the #1 artists on the Hanteo charts, there’s no telling how much more they’ll shoot up.

Congratulations to EXO!

Source: allkop


Let’s raise the number of the ‘Hug’ version of the Repackage album higher! EXO-M and EXO-K should be equally as popular. They together are the BEST!


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