EXO’s Chen: “Positive-idol who’s more charming as you look at him”

This is Chen, the talented lead vocal from the scary rookie group EXO who’s been sweeping the charts and ranking first on music programs after releasing the repackaged version of their first full album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug) as well as their song ‘Growl’.During his interview with ‘The Star’, when asked what was the movie that marked him the most recently, Chen made a confused face expression and then used his phone in order to find the movie he liked. He then replied with a bright smile : “I think ‘Rachel Mc Adams’, the main character of the movie movie ‘The Vow’ that came out last year is really beautiful. If you don’t know about this movie, I hope you can appreciate it at least once”.

Meanwhile, on the upcoming 30th, EXO’s The Star HD interviews (8 in total) are going to be released, and through an event we’ll give away a set of polaroid of the members (6 in total). The event will end on Sept 8th and the results will be announced on the 10th.

Name : Kim Jongdae
Blood Type : B
Family relations : Mom, Dad, big brother
Dream about a conception of a baby : ?
Hobby/Speciality : Listening to music
Personality : Bright and positive !
Ideal type : A girl with pretty eyes (Because I look at [a girl’s] eyes first!)
Reason why I became a singer : I’ve always enjoyed singing but it started with me wanting to stand on a big stage !
Celebrity I’m close to : f(x)’s Amber
Meal I can do the best : Fried rice with kimchi
Favorite food : Everything~ except oyster and brocoli…
Favorite kind of music : Pop, R&B
Favorite movie : The Vow
Favorite nickname : X
Usual fashion style : Street fashion, hip hop
Frequent habit : Licking my lips…
Something I’m obsessed with or collect : I’m currently interested in shoes so I collect one or two pairs at once !
Motto : Let’s live happily
The member whom I think is the most similar to me and why : There’s none ! I am an unique being! ㅋㅋㅋ

This is the question the fans asked through The Star’s Me2Day (thestar_kr).
Fan’s question : Did you start learning Chinese in advance during your trainee days when you heard you were going to be an EXO-M member?
Star’s reply : I started learning Chinese in middle school.

Source:The Star
trans cr; zesha @ exok-trans/ nahbit @ exok-trans/ saphira @ exok-trans
Please take out with full credits.

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