[TRANS] Xiumin @ The Star Interview

EXO’s Xiumin: “Same Age Friends with VIXX N”

Member Xiumin who shows off a devilish charm within scary rookie group EXO, who after releasing first album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ repackage album won first place on various music program and charts with follow-up song ‘Growl.’

Recently, Xiumin showed off his unexpected friendship with group VIXX N during a music broadcast stage and gathered a lot of interest from fans. Regarding this, Xiumin explained his friendship with fellow singer N by stating, “EXO and VIXX ended up using the same waiting room. I naturally started to talk with same-age N and we became close.”

Meanwhile, there will be an event where we give away polaroid photos of the members (6 in total) to those who leave comments on EXO’S the Star HD Interview (8 in total) which will be revealed on the 30th, through recommendations. It is up to September 8th and the results will be announced on the 10th.

Name: Xiumin
Blood Type: B
Family relations: Dad, Mom, younger sister
Dream about a conception of a baby: A dream that a tiger placed the Korean flag on the Baekdu mountain.
Hobby/Specialty: Sports (soccer)
Personality: Whatever it is, the type to try his best, the type to like neatness^^
Ideal type: I like all kind people
How I became a singer: After going to a DBSK concert, I dreamed of becoming a singer
Close celebrities: Infinite Dongwoo
Food that I like: huo guo (Chinese shabu shabu)
Food that I can make the best: pasta
Music that I like: rock ballad, ballad
Movie that I like: X-Men
Nickname that I like: baozi
Usual fashion style: I like the ordinary and easy style.
A habit I do often: clean
Something that I am obsessed with or that I collect: I don’t collect anything.
A member that I think is the most similar with me and reason why: Because all our members’ personality is so strong, I don’t think there is any member that is similar with me.

A question that a fan asked through the Star me2day (thestar_kr)
Fan’s Question: Recently, you had a friendly conversation with VIXX N on the stage. How did you same-age born in the year 1990 become close?
Star’s Answer: While using the same waiting room during music broadcasts, I got to know him while casually having conversations because we’re the same age.

Source:The Star
Trans cr; zesha @ exok-trans/ nahbit @ exok-trans/ saphira @ exok-trans
Please take out with full credits.

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