[TRANS] Lay @ The Star Interview

EXO’s Lay: “When I first came to Korea, Kris helped me” 

Skilled subvocal Lay within scary rookie group EXO, who after releasing first album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ repackage album won first place on various music program and charts with follow-up song ‘Growl.’

In the recently proceeded interview with ‘The Star,’ Lay complimented EXO-M leader Kris by saying “when I first came to Korea and couldn’t speak Korean well, Kris helped me a lot.” Lay reminisced his trainee period by saying, “I became close with the other members because we practiced together and lived together in a dorm.”

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Name: Lay
Blood Type: A
Family relations: Dad, Mom, Grandfather, Grandmother
Dream about a conception of a baby: none
Hobby/Specialty: Composition, piano
Personality: I hear a lot that I’m kind
Ideal type: A kind girl, I like if she is a person that truly likes me.
How I became a singer: Ever since I was young, I liked music and after seeing one dance on stage, I wanted to be a singer
Close celebrities: SHINee, SNSD seniors treat me very well
A celebrity I want to become close with: I want to be close with everyone
Food that I like: hamburger
Food that I can make the best: fried rice
Music that I like: If it is music, I like it all
Movie that I like: Inception
Nickname that I like: xingxingie, tokki (t/n: bunny)
Usual fashion style: Natural style, I prefer U-line t-shirts
Something that I am obsessed with or that I collect: composition sauce
A habit I do often: It’s not a habit that I do often but I lose things often
A member that I think is the most similar with me and reason why: Uhm.. I can’t think of any

A question that a fan asked through the Star me2day (thestar_kr)
Fan’s Question: All the members have a different trainee period length but is there a specific time when you guys all became close?
Star’s Answer: When I first came to Korea, Chinese member Kris helped me out a lot when I couldn’t speak Korean. And we all became close by practicing all together, the trainees were really good to me, we took classes together, practiced together, and lived in the dorms together.

Source:The Star
Trans cr; zesha @ exok-trans/ nahbit @ exok-trans/ saphira @ exok-trans
Please take out with full credits.

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