[TRANS] Tao @ The Star Interview

EXO Tao: “Charisma That Is So Strong That You Can Not Reject”

Charisma rapper Tao within scary rookie group EXO, who after releasing first album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ repackage album won first place on various music program and charts with follow-up song ‘Growl.’

In the recently proceeded ‘The Star’ variety interview, ‘EXO’S Growl Class,’ Tao showed a storm of rapping serenade to grab his woman’s heart, and shook the heart of many females. Tao, who had to leave before the other members because of another schedule, sadly left after leaving a word of “thanks” to Chanyeol, who was MC, and politely bowing 90 degrees to the staff.

Meanwhile, there will be an event where we give away polaroid photos of the members (6 in total) to those who leave comments on EXO’S the Star HD Interview (8 in total) which will be revealed on the 30th, through recommendations. It is up to September 8th and the results will be announced on the 10th.

Name: Tao
Blood Type: AB
Family relations: Dad, Mom,
Dream about a conception of a baby: none
Hobby/Specialty: Listening to rap, exercising, taking a walk, martial arts
Personality: A special personality, AB style that is the most special in this world
Ideal type: A girl that understands me
Close celebrities: I spend time well with SHINee Minho hyung and Super Junior hyungs.
Food that I like: Korean beef, pizza, food that my parents make
Music that I like: rap, hip hop
Movie that I like: I like Jackie Chan movies
Nickname that I like: cat(?)
A habit I do often: Touch my hair
Usual fashion style: Cartoon main character style, however I feel~
Something that I am obsessed with or that I collect: accessory
Motto: There is nothing impossible in this world
A member that I think is the most similar with me and reason why: There isn’t. I am special hahaha^^

A question that a fan asked through the Star me2day (thestar_kr)
Fan’s Question: The part that was hardest when practicing the choreography for ‘Growl?’
Star’s Answer: Because we have a lot of members, it was hard to format the configuration.

Source:The Star
Trans cr: zesha @ exok-trans/ nahbit @ exok-trans/ saphira @ exok-trans
Please take out with full credits.

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