[TRANS] Kris @ The Star Interview

EXO KRIS: “Warm-Guy Visual Calling ‘Growl’”

This is Kris, the warm visual god Kris from the scary rookie group EXO who’s been sweeping the charts and ranking first on music programs after releasing the repackaged version of their first full album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug) as well as their song ‘Growl’.

In the recently proceeded interview with ‘The Star’, while Kris put a pencil on his ear using it as a variety prop and said “because I like it, even when filming ends, I’m going to keep it like this”, he presented smiles at those who looked at him. Also about Kris’s tall height he said “On my profile it says that I’m 187cm but, in real life, my height is actually 186.6cm”, boasting his charm through his 4-dimension personality, different from his warm appearance.

Meanwhile, there will be an event where we give away polaroid photos of the members (6 in total) to those who leave comments on EXO’S the Star HD Interview (8 in total) which will be revealed on the 30th, through recommendations. It is up to September 8th and the results will be announced on the 10th.

Name : Kris
Blood Type : O
Family relations : Mom
태몽 : None
Hobby/Speciality : Basketball, Fashion (reforming clothes), Composing, Writing Lyrics
Personality : Gentle appearance but tough in spirit
Ideal type : Pretty eyes and a girl that is like an angel
Reason why I became a singer : By chance, an opportunity came and it became more fun and I gained interest in it.
Celebrities I’m close to : Super Junior Siwon-hyung, f(x) Amber, Victoria, Krystal
Meal I can do the best : Jjajangmyung (t/n: black bean sauce noodles)
Favorite food : Korean beef
Favorite kind of music : Hip-hop, Electric
Favorite movie : Inception
Favorite nickname : Fan Fan
Usual fashion style : My own different style. I also reform my clothes so that it’s different and wear it.
Something I’m obsessed with or I collect : Beanie
Motto : Normally insane
The member whom I think is the most similar to me and why : None

This is the question the fans asked through The Star’s Me2Day (thestar_kr).
Fan’s question : He’s EXO’s reliable oldest hyung, but when he’s really with the hyung’s what is he like?
Star’s answer : He is polite.

Source:The Star
trans cr; zesha @ exok-trans/ nahbit @ exok-trans/ saphira @ exok-trans
Please take out with full credits.

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