[TRANS] D.O. @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’



Officially-recognised nickname: Dyo
Nationality: Korean
Official height: 173cm
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Blood type: A
Debut: 2012/04/08, Inki Gayo stage
Personality: Sensitive at heart, serious, responsible, caring, introverted at times, self-composed,
kind, cute, but can sometimes be really weird/crazy and lively
Individual skills: BEAT BOX, rap, voice imitation
Future dream: Wants to become a chef or designer aside from being a singer
Ideal type: A girl who’s kind, and enjoys everything she eats
Girl group he likes: f(x)
Actress he likes: Amanda Seyfried
Food he likes: Spaghetti, strawberry cake, mint chocolate ice-cream
Close celebrity friends: Im HyunShik (BtoB), Yoon DooJoon (BEAST)
Roommate: Kim JongIn (At current: Luhan, Oh SeHun)
cr: meeeeeeshell

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