[TRANS] Kris @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’


Nationality: Canadian
Date of Birth: 1990 November 6
Blood Type:
Fan Name:
凡亲,梅格妮 (每个你:All of you)
Unique Features:
Model Stature, Powerful Presence, Highly Photogenic,Deep Voice, Perfect Side Profile, 360° No Bad Angles (t/n: you can stand at any angle and he will still look perfect)
Strong Points:
Language (Mandarin, English, Korean, Cantonese), Rap, Basketball, Lyric Composition, Drums
Favorite Food:
Everything except fish
In a confession, he will say:
“I’ve fallen for you, what should I do?”
When he feels the sexiest:
Before sleeping, when washing his face and brushing his teeth (because the face is not swollen)
Also Kris thinks that when a man is seriously working, he is the most handsome.

Trans cr: Icingonyou © 2013

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