[TRANS] Lay @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’


English name: Issing
Nationality: Chinese
Astrology sign: Libra
Blood type: A
Group position: EXO-M Main Dancer, vocalist, in charge of instruments
MAMA era power: Healing. He can heal injuries. (Unicorn, healing power can allow dying plants to blossom once again; can correspond with Baekhyun’s light power)
Nicknames: Xing Yazi (Changsha Yazi), Xingtuo, Dandan, Leilei (nickname based on his stage name Lay)
Personality: Serious, hardworking, honest, thankful. He’s very different on and off stage. In private he is very energetic, easygoing, childish, and funny.
Interests: Dancing, creation, composing music, and staying home.
Mantra (Pet phrase): “Is this okay?”
Classic quotes: “Easygoing but not lacking in personality” “I’m not usually funny”

Trans cr: ivoryxing@tumblr

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