[TRANS] Sehun @ Men’s Style September Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’


Nationality: Korean
Official height: 183cm
Birthday: 1994/04/12
Nicknames: Sehun, nai bao (milk bun), xiao nai bao (small milk bun), bai jiu (I think this refers to 흰둥이 white puppy), Hunnie, maknae, SeSe
Personality: Simple/naive, becomes very lively when he gets closer to someone
Skills: Dance, acting
Idols: BoA, Michael Jackson
Frequent habits: Sticking his tongue out, rolling his eyes
Roommate: Kim JoonMyun (At current: Luhan, D.O)
Close celebrity sunbaes/friends: BoA, SNSD, Lee TaeMin, Lee DongHae, Jung DaEun (of 2eyes; high school friend)
Ideal type: A girl who’s kind, cheerful and clean. Has said many times in interviews that his ideal type is Choi JiWoo noona, or a girl who genuinely shows worry for him when he gets injured and runs over to apply medicine for him, and also Miranda Kerr
Experience before debut: 
2008: S.M. Casting System
2012: Was featured in SNSD TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle”

Trans cr: meeeeeeshell
Scans Cr: fy-exo@tumblr浅笑出了声

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