[INTERVIEW] Xiumin x Men’s Style Sept. Issue ‘Mr. Seductive’



Nationality: Korea
Height: 173cm
Nicknames: Mantou (Bun), Kim Baozi, Baozi, Cute bun (Calls himself this), MINMIN, Jiaozi (Cause he became skinnier by a lot), Da Ge, Bao Bao Da Ren (Lord Bun Bun), Little Squirrel
Responsibilities in the team: M second main vocal, second lead dancer, in charge of screaming
Talents: Singing, Taekwondo, Swordmanship, dance, Soccer etc.
Favorite artistes: JJ Lin, Jay Chou
Ideal Type: 眼缘/Yan Yuan is very important (T/N: Seeing a person for the first time and getting attracted to him or her). A girl that can hug and take care of me, and give me comfort/console me when we are dating (When I see a person I like I will immediately confess to her)
Pre-debut Experiences: 2008 SM Everysing Contest Runnerup

Trans cr: rellasoo
Scans cr: @浅笑出了声

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