[NEWS] EXO Official Fanclub is on its way! Recruitment process for official ‘Supporters’ begins!

Source: EXO official website
Translation Cr: EXOCHOCOLATE

  • In preparation for EXO’s official fanclub and the upcoming decision on its name and opening of membership, we are currently recruiting Fanclub Supporters.
  • Supporters will be representatives of EXO’s official fanclub members, as well as being in charge of (fanclub) members in different locations/districts, and they should be willing to serve as representatives of the members.
  • For those who wish to apply for the role of Supporters just for the sake of seeing the artists up close, or to gain convenient access to official schedules – as this has nothing to do with the purpose of the role of Supporters, we ask that you refrain (from applying). (tn: YEAH YOU TELL ‘EM SM).
  • For those who apply, the first stage of the selection process will be review of documentation (tn: application form, identification documents, etc), and the second stage will be an interview. During the grace period before official fanclub activities start, (those chosen) will participate as temporary Supporters for S.M. ARTISTs’ broadcasting activities.
  • As the second round of interviews will be organised more locally to suit each district/location, we hope there are no errors/misunderstandings (tn: with regards to how the when/where the second stage interviews will be, as it’ll be organised on a more local level) and we ask that those who want to apply to be Supporters to read the information below carefully.
  • As the recruitment process of official fanclub members has not yet been finalized, we hope that there are no errors/misunderstandings with regards to this either!”

How the ‘Supporter’ system works:

  • Fanclub Supporters: No separate president, vice-president, but just a suitable number (of Supporters) per each different location/district. Number of Supporters may vary according to the size of the fanclub
  • (Then it lists the different cities/locations/districts that will be headed up by the Supporters)
The application process:
▶ Application period: From now to Monday 30th September
▶ Requirements:
  1. Prospective founding member of EXO’s official fanclub (tn: ie. they intend on becoming official fanclub members too)
  2. Only those who are currently high school freshmen and older are eligible to apply (obtain permission from parents!)
  3. Must be applying to be in charge of the same district you are currently living in, and be able to participate in activities in this district
  4. Must have participated in at least 5 events/schedules! Not just studio audience tickets, but taken part as part of an official fanclub (tn: aka got to sit in special fanclub seats). (Please include under ‘relevant experience’).
Then it’s stuff about what documents to submit, how to submit (everything’s online), what happens after the ‘grace period’. Basically after they act as temporary supporters for S.M.ARTISTs, if they’ve proved themselves to be suitable for the position, they are then able to go onto become the ~official~ Supporters and get to participate in official fanclub activities for EXO. Whether or not they’re deemed to be suitable for the role is up to the discretion of the people who work with them during that grace period.
  • All the information regarding EXO’s official fanclub membership will be available later on the official noticeboard, and we ask that the fans take interest in applying for the Supporters role. Thank you.

End of translations.

It seems that Supporters essentially head up the official fanclub and make sure things run smoothly, help facilitate organisation of fanclub activities, are involved in the logistics side of fanclub shenanigans, and so on. (Anyone who knows more about this that I do though, please feel free to correct me !! )

The grace period is interesting too and seems to make sense – kinda like the summer internship you’d do before the place decides whether or not to offer you a graduate role? Hopefully this means that there’ll be fewer incidents with fans not obeying rules at broadcast stations, and in general, everything will be better organised at official events and so on!

Also, most importantly, EXO’s official fanclub is well and truly on its way, no doubt about it now!!

So what are your thoughts? Comment below.

-For myself I wonder if there will be an official fanclub for international fans and how we can apply, if we can.

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