[INTERVIEW] When do the EXO members go ‘growl’?

When do the EXO members go ‘growl~’? {a.k.a. how to piss EXO off } 

Suho: I’m not normally the type to get angry easily. However, I do express my anger when the members don’t show their best form. As I’m the leader who has to lead the team, if the members say something or act out of place and don’t show good manners, I purposefully go ‘growl~’

Kris: There are many times when we have to get changed inside our car. People from outside can see if you’re in the front seat, and especially if the lights are on inside the car, anyone passing by can see you getting changed. If someone purposefully turns on the lights as a joke though, I end up growling~

Chen & Kai: For us, it’s the same reason. We use a room together with Suho hyung. Suho hyung is quite sensitive to his body condition, so he almost never turns the AC on. This summer was REALLY hot. There were loads of times when we woke up in the middle of the night because of the heat. Although it wasn’t necessarily enough to make us angry, we were really envious of the other members who were in different rooms. However, thanks to Suho hyung, we didn’t catch a cold from excessive AC at least. We’re comforting ourselves with this fact. (At Suho’s protests) Ah, Suho hyung has reached a compromise with us these days, so depending on the situation, he’ll turn it on for us. (Chanyeol: My spot in the bedroom is closest to the AC, so it’s really cold. However, I put up with it for the sake of the other members. I’m the epitome of ‘considerate’! [tn: his literal words were ‘I’m the Icon of ‘being considerate’ I’M SO LOL]) We’re also understanding and considerate kids. So that’s why our room is like a sauna. Just speaking about it now makes us wanna growl~

Lay: Up on stage, when I hear the sound of cheering, my voice gets louder too. Not because I’m annoyed, but because I receive that energy and end up growling~ more too. I love that climactic atmosphere.

Luhan: I’ve always really loved playing football. If I miss a goal whilst playing, I end up growling~ too.

Sehun: I’m not really the type to get seriously angry. It’s a different story when I get hungry though. (All the members: To the point where we can’t even tell he’s angry, rather than growling, it’s more like ‘chirp chirp~’) That’s right, I think that’s true.

Baekhyun: I get angry maybe three times a year, if that. However, if something gets on my nerves, it piles up until I explode. When that happens, it goes way beyond just growling~

D.O: Rather than growling, I often pull a straight face, even from a young age. I play around a lot with the people around me, and it gradually brings out my competitive side. In particular, when the playing around involves hitting and playfighting, it overheats so much until I can’t control it. When I was a trainee, me and Chanyeol were once playfighting with each other using mixed martial arts techniques, and even though it hurt, I put up with it. Even so, I couldn’t back down. Then, Chanyeol attacked me with an even stronger move. It felt like I’d momentarily died and gone to heaven.

Chanyeol: I don’t really get angry at people. Instead, I beat myself up a lot over things. Even if I get upset at someone other than myself, I just let it fester. (Members: If we piss him off when we’re inside our car, it’s scary. At times like that, he gets angry at other people too) That’s me accepting it to a certain degree. I never get angry at others. When we’re inside our car, I enjoy making jokes in order to lift the mood. (Members shake their heads) Fine, I accept it! I guess I’ve got multiple personalities then. (Members in unison: Agreed! Hahaha)

Tao: There are times when I dislike myself. When I want to show a really perfect version of myself but am not able to, I get really angry. In particular, if I don’t like my hairstyle that day, or if I come out weird in pictures, I’ll look into the mirror and get angry. It makes me think that I’m not good at managing/taking care of myself properly. When that happens, I growl~ by myself.

Xiumin: I get angry when stuff isn’t kept clean and tidy. My roomates are good at keeping things tidy. Sometimes when my roommate Chanyeol’s stuff invades my space though, I go ‘growl~’. I used to learn kendo, so good manners and etiquette are really important to me. A while ago, I was earnestly teaching Tao some dance moves, but because he was being inattentive, I growl~ed by myself.

source: TV Report
Translation Cr: ExoChocolate 

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