[NEWS] EXO Achieves Major Feat with 740,000 Albums Sold

With more than 740,000 copies of its first album, XOXO (Kiss&Hug), EXO let its new birth as the album king be known.

As of September 3, EXO has sold 424,260 copies of its first album, released on June 3, as well as 312,899 of its repackaged album, released on August 5, bringing the total to 737,159 copies sold. With more than 700,000 copies sold in just three months, EXO proved that it is the hottest act of current times.

EXO’s 700,000 albums sold marks the first time in 12 years that such a number was recorded with Kim Gun Mo’s seventh album selling 1,390,000 copies and Jo Sung Mo’s fourth album selling 960,000 copies in 2001. With illegal downloading and the beginning of online music purchases in 2005, EXO’s first album records are becoming even more meaningful.

The album also brought a lot of attention with 300,000 pre-orders as well as ranking number one in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia following its release, showing the interest global fans have in the group.

In addition, EXO has been doing particularly well, receiving a triple crown on SBS’ Inkigayo, along with several wins on KBS’ Music Bank, MBC’s Music Core, Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN and more.

Meanwhile, EXO will be releasing the continuation of its drama version music video on September 4.

Source: nate via enewsworld

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