[REMINDER] Birthday Project: OBLIVIATE’s Happy CHEN Day- Ends in 2 DAYS

OBLIVIATE has finally released its birthday project for Chen!! There are two components and both projects are fairly simple.

Part 1: “Chen, your voice is like ________”

Fill in the blank with all the affection and encouragement you can manage! All the sentences will be compiled into a book and sent to Chen. Leave your messages on the board, and among everyone who submits messages, 5 will be randomly selected to receive a photobook from OBLIVIATE! So please participate actively!! ^O^

Part 2: Letters and private gift deliveries! 

OBLIVIATE will be delivering any handwritten letters or personal gifts to Chen (as will c.Antares). Please email the fansite master at chendae_@naver.com OR leave a question in the Q&A board!! The deadline for part 2 is September 10th.

Once again, please check the source for more information and the message boards!! We hope to see all Chen and EXO fans participate! Please drop us a message if you have any questions!

Cr: fychen.tumblr

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