[TRANS] Luhan as No. 1 Flower Boy in Top Chinese Music Poll

Translation of Luhan’s Cut (14:56 to 16:48)

Voice-Over (Part 1):

No. 1 Flower Boy in Asian Music: Luhan

Number of votes garnered: 14, 261

For the poll this time, the person who got more votes than the popular Heechul is Luhan, his junior from the same company. Recognised widely for its ability to churn out idol groups, SM launched EXO last year. Many members of the group are known for their looks and have attracted tons of fans due to their outstanding appearance since their debut.Nicknamed Lu-Eighteen for his ever-youthful appearance and exquisite features, Luhan is the most representative flower boy.

Kids’ Interviews:

Girl#1: I think this gege looks a little like a duck…he also looks like a swan!
Girl#2: This gege looks like a high-schooler!
Girl#1: This gege is very fashionable!
Girl#3: I think he’s 25 years old! He has such big eyes!
Boy#1: His face is quite good-looking!
Girl#1: He has a nice mouth!
Girl#2: His eyes are big and expressive!
Girl#3: His hair is a mess!
Girl#1: He has very fair skin!
Girl#3: He is showing his teeth and he is smiling!

Voice-Over (Part 2)

Due to his outstanding looks, bubbly personality and cuteness, Luhan has attracted the affection of countless girls. At the same time, he has excellent dancing and singing abilities and is arguably one of the most well-rounded members of the group. This is also one of the main reasons for his high popularity.

(Note: 2nd Place: Heechul (7015 votes), 3rd Place: Chen Xiang (4120 votes), 4th Place: Nichkhun (3910 votes) and 5thPlace: Aaron Yan (3097 votes))

Credit: BTV
Trans. cr: Exochocolate Please take out with full credits.  

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