[TRANS] Chen’s Story @ Ize Magazine

Chen will hum along with the background music “Super Mario” while bending down to tie his shoelaces, and start dancing by himself to the music being played while waiting for his turn to take photos, completely fits his nickname “Funky Funky Chen”.

Although he feels proud about the results achieved from training so hard, he will also critique himself very objectively, and accept the members’s teasing very well, maintaining an attitude of understanding the other person’s intention when they said those words, his cheerful, sunny image hiding a meticulous/considerate and thoughtful soul deep inside. The words “A man with a beautiful inner side/soul” will involuntarily surface in our mind, this description was created just for him.

Chen. 1992.9.21. Although I like to joke around, I feel that I am still different from Chanyeol and Baekhyun. (Laughs) This two friends seriously have the ability to be noisy/playful from morning all the way until the middle of the night. When filming MVs we usually end up working through the night, and I really got surprised by their ability to stay noisy/playful all the way to the end. (Baekhyun: Although I have the restless, noisy type of personality, I jut need to rest for a little while and can go back to being lively again. Haha!) Members all call me “Funky” but actually I feel that my “Funky”ness is probably just me being slightly mischievous in my actions.

Because I am the lead singer and am in charge of the high notes, I have been working hard to be able to project a nice voice. First, I will start to relax my vocal chords bit by bit from the low notes, and try not to lick my lips before I go on stage, only drinking a sip of water.

A while ago, we went out for a while to stroll along Han river, and an ajumma said “EXO right? My daughter really likes you all”. I felt so amazed after hearing it. A few of the members were there too, she probably knew we were EXO from recognizing one of us… And the one she recognized was me, seriously! (Laughs) It probably was due to the performance on KBS’ Immortal Song. The first time going on that stage, Baekhyun and I sang “I really do not know” together, and because it’s a exquisite balled we practised a lot and discussed a lot. We needed to express the emotions in the lyrics and at the same time coordinate well so our voices become one, just discussing “This part I will sing like this, then the next part you sing like this”, we ended up staying past 5 am in the morning.

I like the movie “Avengers”, if I can pick a character I want to become Thor. Because then I can control thunder to my heart’s content. Sometimes (we? I? ) will call D.O. “that little guy”. I am not afraid of D.O.’s punches at all. Because D.O. is a “little guy”. I have an older brother and I will sometimes think what it would be like to have a younger sister. If she does something ill-mannered, I will probably reprimand her strictly. Also, I must explain to her, let her understand why doing that is not right. If humans can stay on EXO Planet, other than a singer, I want to be a normal university student, who works part time to earn his own pocket money.

English Translation: rellasoo
Original Chinese translation by @_原博易主_ on weibo

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