[TRANS] Yixing’s Story @ Ize Magazine

His long lithe neck and deep deep eyes, unconsciously lead people to think of herbivores, this kind of mood will allow us to taste/slowly enjoy his quiet and considerate personality. But the Lay that can do a Kristina voice imitation of “Kim~Chi~Jji~gae~” with a sincere expression, is indeed a man with the charm of reversal. Answering any question with no hesitation, using a large amount of vocabulary that is seriously surprising, and the way he answers questions enthusiastically, makes us anticipate his extremely unique personality. As though it is rightfully this way, no matter how busy, how tired and how hard it is, he definitely will not forget to say “Thank you”, like he will never stray from the promise he set for himself no matter now or in the future.

Lay. 1991.10.7. When I was asked what should be filled in after KaNaTaLaMaPaSaAjaChaKaTa’, of course it must be ‘Pa’. Pa, Pa, Hip hop~ Yeah~ (Laughs) I have always been learning Korean meticulously. I learnt “cool” phrases from Sehun and used it on broadcast programs before. (Laughs) Baekhyun also taught me a low of amazing phrases, lately I learnt the word “Vitamin”.

Because I like to shower, it’s until the extent that if I’m soaking in the bath I can last in there for up to 10 hours. But we can only have showers in our bathroom, if the dorm suddenly has no more hot water it would be terrible. Fortunately, our dorm is really not that bad, we can keep having hot water to use. Haha! I like the majority of Stephen Chow’s movies. I like Shaolin Soccer the most out of all of them.

I really want to eat a meal with Mr. Lee Soo Man. If it’s me ordering I will probably order Pasta or Pizza, but since our Chairman seems to like Kimchi Jjigae, so I will probably get Kimchi Jjigae.

In EXO, my role in healing. Although I cannot heal my members much in reality, no matter what happens I will always pray and be happy for them. If EXO planet can have humans living in it, I want to make delicious food and share it with everyone in the world. I want to be able to eat delicious food and live happily with the people I love.

English Translation: rellasoo
Original Chinese translation by @_原博易主_ on weibo

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