[NEWS] Yixing feels honored that XingPark has donated $16,300 USD to school children in China under his name

Yixing’s largest Chinese fansite XingPark has set up a charity fund in Yixing’s name under the V-Fund charity, just in time for his birthday on October 7th! Mango V-Fund is a charity run by the Hunan Broadcasting System (aka the people that brought us Happy Camp) and focuses primarily on health and education of children and youths.  Dubbed “Mango V-Fund – Zhang Yixing Fans Charitable Fund”, this new project has been approved for a period of 5 years (= ONGOING!!).

XingPark has already made a first donation of ¥100,000 Chinese Yuan (~$16,300 USD) to the project. A portion ( ¥20,000) came from collections from fans to celebrate Yixing’s birthday, while the rest came from sale of fansite goods.

These funds will go toward education-related endeavors, such as music classrooms, libraries, and Project Hope, which aids children who are unable to afford elementary school education. It has already been announced that on Sept. 29, ¥20,000 will go toward a music classroom for a school in Pingjiang County, Hunan. (Donating to music education in Yixing’s home province in time for his birthday? Best. Idea. Ever.)To my knowledge, this is the first official charity fund set up for an EXO member, at least in China. Hopefully it becomes a trend ^_^

cr: @grasshopper215

After this project was unveiled today, Yixing tweeted “Proud!!! Touched!!” on weibo:

Yixing's Weibo Message 130925


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