[TRANS] Chanyeol’s Story @ Ize Magazine

Just 5 minutes. Just this amount of time is more than enough to feel Chanyeol’s affirmative energy. Bringing up the mood of the atmosphere is a part of his fundamentals and he says, “Think of it as March. Ah~ it’s warm,” as he films under the strong sunlight. Chanyeol, who is scared of insects but watches in fascination once he discovers a baby cricket, possesses a charm which makes it impossible not to smile even by just watching him because he really is bright and innocent. This is the reason that the image of his eyes twinkling whenever a question is asked, even as he plays mischievously with D.O by hitting him to the point of making a thwacking sound, remains in my memory for a long time.

Chanyeol. Born on November 27th, 1992. I possess a positive personality and I veer on the side of loving myself. It’s due to my parents passing down a lot of their positive energy to me. I’ve liked people ever since I was little and I received much love from people with the sociability I nurtured on the playground! I think that even now at funny moments, no matter what action I take the members enjoy it. Taking my health into consideration, nowadays I’m researching a way to make people laugh through words. But when I can’t do something I need to do because I’m in pain, I become down and receive stress. I fell hard for Muse after seeing them for the first time at the Pentaport Rock Festival when I was in my third year of middle school. It was so cool that they could create such an impressive sound with three members. If I were to go to a rock festival now, I would be shaking my head with everyone and thrashing. I’ve played the guitar since my first or second year of middle school. Maybe it’s because I learned on my own, but I’ve formed certain habits. So I don’t play along unthinkingly as I listen to music like I used to, and am practicing in order to lay down the foundation for the fundamentals. Oh, recently my father gifted me a good guitar as an early birthday present so I’m continuously touching it. Anywhere, all the time. (laughter) I’ve immensely liked rap ever since I was a trainee, but it’s true that there aren’t many opportunities to show it. I prepare in order to properly show it whenever an opportunity arises like on radio programs. Lately I’ve appeared on variety programs often, and I met Kim Bosung sunbaenim on KBS’s Happy Sunday – Mama Mia. I said that I would join the UFO association then, but I haven’t been able to yet. Because I haven’t seen sunbaenim after the recording. When playing rock paper scissors with the members, the trick to always winning is to trust only in myself. If earthlings could move to Exo Planet, aside from being a singer I want to try being an ordinary college student. I enjoy the webtoon Cheese in the Trap, and I want to become a heartwarming college sunbae like Yoojung sunbae and treat my hoobaes to a meal and enjoy the romanticized campus life.

Translation cr: 4rang


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