[TRANS] Kris’s Story @ Ize Magazine

Shortly but strongly. Even when he boldly gave off these precise words, Kris was full of confidence. Kris effortlessly and freshly laughed when the members looked at a larva and said lightly, “Let’s eat it!,” or when they bounced off the bed, he said, “Haha, I’m an action actor!” after they finished their photoshoot. The reason why Kris considers EXO as a pizza is because they have to be 12 members to form a whole circle.  The more we know about his world, the more we strangely get pulled into the whole new world.

Kris: I was born on November 6, 1990, in China but grew up in Canada. I am EXO-M’s leader and rapper.When rapping in Korean, the pronunciation was really hard. Because the pronunciation is stronger and clearer compared to how it is when we talk, even when doing it naturally, some may find it a little awkward when listening to it. In “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio”, together with D.O and Chanyeol we had practiced Dynamic Duo’s 죽일놈 (Guilty) really hard so it was really lucky that the reaction was good. Besides rapping, I have a lot of interest in writing songs & lyrics, fashion designing, DJing etc. Among all the lyrics I have written, I am most satisfied with “Just one more time, one last time”. A handsome style starts from wearing the clothes which fit you best with confidence. And it is important to remember that you want to challenge a new style. Ah, I just remembered that in future I want to launch a brand under my own name, but it’s a secret.

Kai: If you talk about it now, people may steal your idea and do it first.

Kris: No they can’t. But even if it is handsome/cool, there must be a name which has a link to me. No matter who see it they will think “Ah, this is Kris’ brand”. Since a long time ago, I’ve been watching and studying Korean variety programs. But no one can do it like Chanyeol.

D.O: If you record a program for a long time you might feel really tired but Chanyeol can concentrate so well and not feel tired. It’s amazing.

Kris: There was this time when I stood outside the bathroom watching out for Tao for 30 minutes. That was when I thought, “Ah, Tao is still really young.” But because now we don’t have enough time to sleep properly, I can’t do it anymore. But even with insufficient sleep my skin is still good…I was born with it. Wasn’t I? (laughs) I don’t have any special treatments for my skin but I do wash my face well.I think I have a lot of interest in acting. That’s why I’m watching a lot of Korean, Chinese and Hollywood movies. Even though now I can’t show much of my acting right now, in music videos I still work really hard to show it in that short period of time.

source: Ize
trans by: WeiTing @ 901106.net
Take out with full credits!

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