[TRANS] Kai’s Story @ Ize Magazine

“Oh! There’s a modern choreography that I saw and cried to recently!” Kai’s voice loudened. The charismatic Kai on stage excited talking about the dance he likes is actually closer to being a boy his age, Kim Jong In, rather than Kai. He’ll become a boy again when he’ll strike a pose very sternly and D.. blows bubbles next to him, leaving him with his eyes curved and bursting into laughter. The continuing change between Kai and Kim Jong In could easily be found, and it was an interesting discovery.

Kai. Born on January 14th 1994th. Studied ballet since young age. I’ll watch Mnet’s <Dancing 9> and contemplate what would have happened if I continued ballet. Probably studied abroad and went ‘all-in’?

I have no other things I want to improve in, other than dance and music. If I could become a ballerino now, I want to create a choreography that holds the meaning that I can’t give up a girl I love and express that feeling with my body. I’m a perfectionistregarding performance so I criticize myself when I make a mistake. At home, I’ll think ‘Ack, why did I get it wrong there’, like that. I really like the R&B genre. If I have a unit or solo debut opportunity, I want to show an awe-inspiring performance with a strong beat and mild music. Men likeMichael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown are really sexy on stage.When I went to an Usher concert, I exclaimed ‘Wow! Really, how is that done?’ And I was applauding before I knew it. (Laughs) He really won over ladies’ hearts with simple gestures. The members danced recently on <Weekly Idol>. First off, I think Suho-hyung will be really good if he practiced a little more and Chen, like his nickname ‘Funky Funky Chen,’ has a unique rhythm sense and displayed the funky feel very well. I think he’ll do well in rocking as well. Oh, on <Weekly Idol>, Sehun kicked my butt and it’s not that my feelings were hurt, but I have a different reason as to why I was so shocked. Normally when people kick butts, you kick with the top of your foot. But Sehun kicked with his foot turned upwards. So… it went in between my cheeks. Hahaha. But I also kicked Sehun’s backside. I playfully kicked, thinking that I don’t get an opportunity to kick backsides so often, but I was flabbergasted since he kicked so hard. I’ve been watching EPL games since my first year of high school and I became a Chelsea fan. This season, I think Chelsea will probably place first or second? So if earthlings could migrate to EXO planet, I want to become either a ballerino or a soccer player. If I could compare myself to an animal, I am a jaguar. First off, I have dark skin, and jaguars are normally slow but when they are on a hunt, they change 180 degrees. I am usually lax but when I dance, I concentrate like no one else, so we are similar in a sense.

Source: Ize magazine.
Translation cr: dailyexo.tumblr.com,

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