[TRANS] Kyungsoo’s Story @ Ize Magazine

After the outdoor shoot has ended, D.O. who is sitting down docilely and quietly with his head down got attracted to the small insects on the ground. “The feet are so small?”, after seeing the baby shoes in the studio, his round round eyes became even bigger.

Although during times like this D.O. looks like a child, but in reality, he is a “real man”. Like how once the group photoshoot started, D.O. who was sitting in the center position said “Okay, let’s start”, while trying to get the members to focus at the same time .
Like a child, yet giving off an indifferent feeling with his eyes, this kind of reversal is D.O.’s real charm.

D.O.: I was born on January 12, 1993.  I am EXO-K’s main singer. I played the role of being hit by Luhan during the EXO Music Video drama episode that was released not long ago, this role was decided by the director based on my image. But in reality this is not my real image… right? Do I really have that kind of image? The other members always tease me. I do not know why either. Because there isn’t really a way I can make myself look more authoritative, I still treat the members like I usually do. Sometimes I know that I should do some aegyo, but it’s really hard.

I am better at barbecuing meat than the other members so I am in charge of barbecuing meat. Although there isn’t really any special technique, I usually get a feel of it while barbecuing, and this feeling is hard to describe with words. Ah, it must be really interesting if I can go for Happy Together 3’s Late Night Market, but as of now I still do not have any special recipe that I can show. Everyone thinks that I am very good at cooking but this is actually a misunderstanding, I only cook because I enjoy the process. It’s probably because during interviews, the other members always say I take care of them like a mother, hence this kind of image was created.

Q: Isn’t it the case that you are forced to cook because the members always ask you to cook?

D.O: Actually if they request for me to cook, I will not cook for them. It’s when I feel like cooking, then I will cook and share it with the rest.

I really like to sing along while Chanyeol plays the guitar. Probably because we have been training together since our trainee times, we are very in tune with each other. Even if I change the beat, Chanyeol will change along with me, and if Chanyeol changes the tempo, I will catch up with him too. (Chanyeol: The number of songs that we have prepared for performing after we debut, amount up to almost 15.) Ah yes. “Nothin’ On You” which we sang on KBS 2FM Super Junior’s KTR is one of them. I have been listening to a lot of R&B music since young, hence I really like it.

In the future when we have a concert, during my solo stage I want to have just a standing microphone, and use just my voice to properly perform African American music.

I like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, and listen to their songs often. Actually up until now I still haven’t been able to get over the trauma of “Superior Orchestra”. Although I can’t seem to find any special method, but first of all I think I need to gather much more experience in order to overcome myself.

English translation by rellasoo
Original Chinese translation by @idokyungsoo都暻秀吧 on weibo

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