[NEWS] Sasaeng fans of EXO criticized for improper conduct during a wedding; EXO members write disappointed and reprimanding messages to sasaeng fans 130930

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Sasaeng fans of EXO criticized for improper conduct during a wedding

So-called ‘sasaeng’ fans, who go above and beyond normal fandom levels of worshipping, are in the spotlight after their behavior at a wedding for the brother of EXO’s Baekhyun.

One of the attendees posted a photo of a supposed fan standing barefoot on a table, trying to get a glimpse of her idols, as well as a photo of the EXO members being mobbed by cameras.

“The wedding was quiet before the EXO members appeared,” the person posted. “When three of them stood up to sing the congratulatory song, they rushed forward and stood on chairs to film videos. During the cake cutting, they ignored the couple since the idols were at the back, they tried to get autographs and pictures.”

“They didn’t listen when the members told them to stop and they’ll do it later,” the poster continued. “During the family photo, all of them mobbed together and took the picture. Thought it was a press event. Everyone else was getting angry and the couples’ faces were getting darker.”

This controversy comes after the EXO members personally requested their ‘sasaeng’ fans for some privacy. How do you think these people can be stopped?

EXO members write disappointed and reprimanding messages to sasaeng fans

Recently, EXO‘s sasaeng fans have received a lot of criticism for their rude misconduct at a wedding for member Baekhyun‘s brother. These fans went so far as to stand on top of tables to record videos and was overall very disrespectful to the couple, ruining their special day. One of the attendants left a message describing their actions in detail.

Needless to say, the EXO members were also displeased at what had occurred. They wrote out their disappointments.

Member Tao wrote in Chinese, “I really can’t stand you guys calling us continuously throughout the night. Those of you who follow us everywhere, is it fun? I really hate this invasion of my private life. I am not a criminal. I want my rest and I want my personal space! Not like how things are now.”

Another member, Kris, also wrote an equally disappointed yet more gentle message: “You are supposed to spend youth noisily. However, there is a limit to everything so don’t waste your life’s stamina and money following me around. I cannot be responsible for everything in your life. I am scared that you guys will later regret everything you do now. I hope you guys will live a happy and complete life.”

Previously, EXO even had an instance with sasaeng fans where they blocked an entire escalator because they were clamoring to see the boys at an airport. In an interview, EXO members had said, “Please refrain from sasaeng.” Obviously, their fans had not heeded their wish. Hopefully, these personal reprimands will make EXO’s fans reevaluate their lives and priorities!

One thought on “[NEWS] Sasaeng fans of EXO criticized for improper conduct during a wedding; EXO members write disappointed and reprimanding messages to sasaeng fans 130930

  1. Cant believe this saesang fans. They arent even worthy to b called as fans. They are crossing their limits. They should’n interfere in Exo’s personal life. They should understand them. Seriously, i mean…. You saesang fans are making their lives miserable.


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