[TRANS] Kai @ Cool Magazine

KAI – A worrisome and suspicious person.
He is the kind of person who silently tolerates things, waiting for every difficulty to become an advantage. He goes around stealthier than a ghost, his actions are faster than a thief’s. When you realise that at some point in time, your breathing and emotions all rise and fall along with this man’s, he has already stealthily walked into your heart. He doesn’t need to get your permission, because he is KAI, no one will reject him.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Memorising the names of soccer players. (This must be one of the games in the dorm that the members dislike, because if they play this, KAI will never have to wash the dishes.)

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.
A D.O.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A These are the only two things that I need.

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A I haven’t thought about it yet. (Too straightforward.)

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Ballet dancer.

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A Kkamjong. (The first time seeing someone so calmly saying their nickname!)

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Life.

source; 倒倒天才_Critty
trans credit:  amy at exom-trans
please take out with full credits.

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