[TRANS] Luhan @ Cool Magazine

LU HAN – The Road to Integrity
His cut off point is between a man and a boy. He’s cute enough to be like a child yet handsome enough to be like a man. There aren’t any tears on the road to manhood and there shouldn’t be any. The road to manhood is filled with thistles and thorns, even if all is lost you must hold onto that fraction of self-esteem. After opening his heart, Lu Han only lives for his integrity.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Sports.

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A Perfume

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A I hope that we will be the same as we are 10 years before that, helping each other! Working hard together!

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Football player (that is why he shone at the Shanghai Asian Dream Cup, for more information please check our report in this issue)

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A Xiao Lu (Could it not be Xiao Lu?) (t/n: the second xiao lu is pronounced in a different way from the first, he way some korean members would pronounce it)

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A The air.

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