[INTERVIEW] Xiumin x COOL Magazine

XIUMIN – Men must have their duties.
In every group, there are all sorts of roles: lead vocalist, rapper, the face, dance…… His role is “sub-lead dancer” and “sub-lead vocalist.” However in reality, his more important duty is being EXO’s biggest brother, it’s the most “dutiful” role there is. Even though the burdens heavy, he does one’s duty, Xiumin does very well in his role.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Cleanliness.

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A Handsome uncles… …? (Yes, that is right, EXO in their thirties)

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Architect

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A Jongdae-Jongdae, even though it’s not a nickname.

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Younger brothers who I want to protect.

source; 倒倒天才_Critty
trans credit:  amy at exom-trans
please take out with full credits.

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