[OFFICIAL EXO-M UPDATE] Lay’s Birthday Message

1 year has 365 days, in the situation that each of the 24 hours has been passing very slowly every day, 1 and a half years have gone by~ In this one and a half years, there have been too many pleasant surprises, too many emotions, too much sadness, too much pride.

Every time my birthday comes around, once again you and I have a chance to communicate on the same terms~
In this time’s birthday message, I want to talk about some personal things with everyone, okay? ^ ^

When I was in school, I never thought that I could ever stand on a global stage, singing for everyone who supports me – perhaps this was just a dream.

I only hope that the songs I’ve written can receive everyone’s acknowledgment, or that my abilities could achieve something in the music world.

But now that dream, because of SM Entertainment and all of you who have helped me along the way, has come true!

But now, however, I am at a loss, at a loss of what exactly do I need to do?
Perhaps I am still that immature child, but a job has given me a feeling of responsibility, allowing me to mature, letting me carry it onward.
Along this journey, I’ve slowly felt myself changing, and this change could be for the better or worse.
Actually, it’s just like what I said before, I just have a special job.

What I want is the same as what everyone wants, what I have is that same as what everyone has, a normal person who is no different from anyone else.
These days, even though I’ve gotten a lot of acknowledgment, but I’ve never felt satisfied!
I will never give up! I want to be the best!
I want to tell everyone who supports me, I don’t want to disappoint you with my abilities!

Perhaps this kind of thinking frequently leaves me in my own world, as if no one is able to understand me.
Friends who are cheering for me and encouraging me over the phone and thinking of every hero who supports me, truthfully, I am very blessed; my life has been very easy. I should be satisfied. But if I can’t reach perfection, will you still support me?

I frequently use this quote to encourage myself:
“In reality, dreams are not far away at all, you just need to work hard to attain them. Even though we might overlook the scenery along the way, but we can look ahead to the faroff rainbow!” Do you think this is correct?

Behind what we see as a simple birthday fanboard, how much effort have you all given?
And what corner of the world does the sweat of this effort drip down to?
All of you, in order to give me this temporary happiness, probably spent a year planning, a month preparing, and a day waiting.
After seeing all of this, I really felt it all. You’ve all worked so hard, labored so long, thank you.

Actually I am very happy to see you holding my support sign, I like hearing your cheers.
But seeing you fall asleep while waiting, hearing your voice grow hoarse because of cheering, getting hurt because of crowding…I can feel my own selfishness.

I only wish for you to take care of yourselves, don’t get hurt, don’t be sad because of anything, even if you’re sad, you don’t have to be afraid! Because I will compose a healing song for all of you!

Once, at an airport, a fan asked me, “My meticulously prepared gift, and another’s meticulously prepared letter, what’s the difference? Why won’t you accept my gift?”
I couldn’t answer her, I could only apologize, I’m sorry.
And then I thought, was my decision to only accept letters incorrect…which has resulted in hesitation while even receiving letters.

Actually it’s like this, this is everyone’s sincerity, I understand, I know, actually for you to even come to see EXO’s performance, buy a copy of our album, raise my support sign, scream for me once, or those fans in faraway places, who silently wish me a “Happy birthday” etc…these are the best gifts to me!

Because I’ve heard that a fan, in order to buy an album or a gift, needed to cut back on their living expenses…even making a support sign, they’ll use all of their money…I know, since we’re all about the same age, every cent is hard to come by, every cent is hard earned, so I hope that everyone will use the money in a meaningful way.

All over the world, there are many, many people who need help, to be able to help others is also our common wish, but I hope everyone will put effort in the monetary aspect as well!
If there’s any misunderstanding, it might lead to blind donating…

It’s not true that fans must donate money in a meaningful area – on the topic of helping people, we can go out and volunteer, do charity work etc~
In the monetary aspect, I hope that before you send me a gift, before donating, first buy some clothing for yourself or your parents, buy something you or your parents either like or need, or buy something tasty for yourself or your parents, something nutritious, to aid your health.
After doing that, then go help those in need~ If you do this, then that’s your gift to me!

I want to receive this kind of gift every year~
I also hope that your family will also like us as well~
Happily sitting in front of the television, or coming to watch our live performance – isn’t that a blessing?
And because you need strength to hold up our support signs, right?
You have to take care of yourselves, if you don’t take care of yourselves how will you continue to passionately, excitedly support us? I know you’re the best – of course you can do it!

And as for me~ I only have one big head~ One neck, two hand, two legs, two feet, and one body.
I can’t wear everything you send me~ I’m afraid that if I don’t wear some of them, you’ll be sad.
There’s also no way I can wear all of it, I’m afraid that you’ll think your gift wasn’t good enough, wasn’t correct.

Actually everything you send me is good! All awesome! I only hope you can be happy everyday~
Protect yourselves~ Love yourselves~ Actually, gifts aren’t that important!
It’s still that sentence, your love is your gift to me!
And your support is my biggest motivation for continuing down this road!
Thank you for everything you’ve given me~ I love you~

Source/Credits: EXO-M’s Official Website
Translation by: ♔PrinceWuFan, taozi @ CODE:EXO

One thought on “[OFFICIAL EXO-M UPDATE] Lay’s Birthday Message

  1. Lay wae sooo cute?? I’m really happy ^////^ coz though I’m staying so so far away from all of you people but giving us such a nice thought to us makes us feel really close…..:)
    Well I’m late to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY coz i had exams:(
    But I’ll always be with you to support you and your group don’t worry, Baby…..
    You really understand a fan’s heart… LOVE YOU ZHANG YIXING!!!!!!!HWAITING>.<


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