[NEWS] “EXO November Comeback? SM ‘New Album Time Up In The Air’”

Regarding EXO’s comeback rumor, SM has replied “it has not been confirmed.”

With the news of EXO coming back in November, there is already a lot of anticipation. However, regarding this, SM has revealed to Newsen on the 9th, “The time for EXO’s comeback is still up in the air.”

While promoting their official first album ‘Wolf and Beauty,’ and ‘Growl’ in the summer, EXO has been rising to the top. Including their repackage album sales, they had an album sale of over seven hundred thousand in twelve years (t/n: meaning last time anyone sold that many albums was 12 years ago) and true to the name, they are rising as this year’s best group.
As much as they have received wholehearted support, although it hasn’t been long since they finished promotions, there are comeback rumors going around. Although we are anticipating if they will be making a comeback and recording as a million seller before the year ends, their company has announced that everything is still up in the air.

source: Newsen
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans
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