[NEWS] HYPER BEAT 1st Photobook USA Group Order – A Must-Have for Any Sehun Stan


From: unfinishedwing

Hello again! Due to high demand for Hyper Beat’s photobook & DVD, “Heart Skipped a Beat,” Hyper Beat is reprinting the photobook for a second sale! I am running a group order for U.S. fans in order to save on the EMS shipping fee.

If you are interested in ordering this photobook, please fill out this order form. Payment instructions can be found there. Because this is a second sale, the order period is very tight. The deadline for ordering is OCTOBER 13TH (KST).

For more details about the photobook and what you get in the set, please see Hyper Beat’s official notice. Here is a detailed review of the photobook if you’re on the fence about it! It’s a must for any Sehun stan!! 

» Click here to see our other current and past group orders «

Please contact her ASAP due to the tight deadline via twitter or tumblr or ask.fm.
Should you have any doubts, please refer to her order page for her history of group purchases as well as FAQs^^

You will save a considerable amount of money by buying group, and the more people participate, the more we save on EMS fees. Let’s help each other, stan to stan (◠︿◠✿)

cr: HYPER BEATAbstraque ; askaren1903



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