[NEWS] Chanyeol’s Determination for Going to the Jungle: “Because I’m the Maknae, I Will Aid the Hyungs Well” 131016

‘General trend idol’ EXO’s member Chanyeol (21·real name Park Chanyeol) is predicted to show a different charm by leaving for the jungle.A representative from Chanyeol’s company, SM Entertainment, revealed in a phone call with <Sports Seoul dot com> on the 16th, “Chanyeol is joining the ‘Laws of the Jungle.” Chanyeol is predicted to leave for Micronesia, a federation republic located on the western Pacific Ocean on the east side of the Philippines along with Oh Jonghyuk, Kim Byungman, Ryudamn, Park Jungcheol, and more.This representative explained, “We are anticipating Chanyeol to show a healthy charm as ‘Byungman group’s’ maknae. Because he is the maknae, he will go and act with an overfilling energy by aiding the hyungs well.”The group Chanyeol is a part of, EXO, showed surprising potential by having a total album sale total of 910,973 albums with the first album selling 441,332 albums (released June 3rd) and first album repackage selling 469,641 (released August 5th) and they are right in front of the title of ‘Singer That Sold One Million Albums Within 12 Years.’

source: Sports Seoul
translation cr: nahbit @ exok-trans
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