[INTERVIEW] Chen & Suho @ The Celebrity, vol. 01, “Music Fantasy”

Chen 종대 

The young man that wonderfully sang “Really I didn’t Know” and “With You.”. That person is Exo’s Chen, who showed off his awesome vocal abilities on “Immortal Song.” “My parents really liked it once I started to appear on ‘Immortal Song.’” Chen’s love for singing goes back to his school days. After preparing to apply as a practical music major in college, and being rejected once, Chen began to worry, thinking, “Must I do this?” But going through many auditions because he wanted to sing more than any other person, in the end his relentless effort allowed him to join EXO as the final members along with Baekhyun. “It’s a given that a musician likes songs. I’m the same way. I sing because I like it and that’s why I put effort into it.” At first he had a really hard time, due to his lack of Chinese, which made it hard to express the feelings of the lyrics when promoting as EXO-M in China. But over time his effort has allowed his China fans to fall head over heels for Chen’s charms. He realized that practice was the only way to survive when promoting in China. “I’m constantly trying my hardest in order to find my own color. I want to become a vocalist that’s like a piece of blank white paper that can pull off any genre.” He really seemed happy as his eyes widened when listing the songs he enjoys these days.


Suho 준면

Suho can’t forget how thrilled he was the moment he found out that he was accepted to the university of his choosing. An endless amount of tears were spilled the moment he confirmed that he was accepted into the acting department of Korea National University of the Arts. “Up until my senior year in high school, I never thought I had achieved something. It’s was my first achievement which I will never be able to forget.” After debuting as EXO he was able to receive love from the public as well. To be honest he had a vague dream of becoming a celebrity from junior high, but it was just a thought. But then he received a casting request from SM Entertainment, and officially began to study music and grew his own confidence. “Even as I was preparing to become a singer, my effort and passion for acting didn’t give up. I personally like active activities like exercising by riding a bike, but what I like most is watching movies and dramas.” The most memorable recent movie he watched was “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” He agreed a lot with the protagonist who resembled himself a lot during his times preparing to become a singer. Suho chose Hollywood actor, Jude Law as his role model. “I started to like Jude Law in elementary school when I saw him in ‘A.I.’ Since then I tend to watch everything Jude Law is in. ‘Closer’ is my favorite movie of his.” Seeing him so passionate makes me believe he’ll be able to catch two birds with one stone in no time.

Cr. thecelebrity, justletmespazz. @merrygreece
via: EXOphils


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