[INTERVIEW] D.O. & Xiumin @ The Celebrity, vol. 01, “Music Fantasy”

D.O. 경수

What would EXO smell like? I asked D.O. this, who is known to be a cologne fanatic among his members. “It’s hard to give one specific scene to us. We’re a scent that consists of scents that are strongly individualistic, which gives off a very unique and charming smell. That’s EXO.” It’s a bit abstract, but I can’t help but to nod in agreement. D.O. possesses a voice that is both powerful and sweet. He has always been good at singing, but in order to find his own sound, he constantly studies and listen to tons of songs. He says that he wants his voice to be something that gives off a very good scent. “The cologne I like to use is diptyque’s Tam Dao. Tam Dao seems like the cologne that completely represents me. A scent that expresses the middle ground of a boy and a man.” As he travels all around Asia for activities, he finds himself enjoying visits to none other than duty free stores. He tests out colognes and even takes his members and gives recommendations. “Not long ago I found the perfect scene for Suho hyung. It’s a Christian Dior cologne, and I plan on gifting it to him very soon.” D.O. who has an uncommon hobby, definitely wants to try to create a fragrance that fits EXO. “I want to also create special stages that give off a scene of our own. A song only for EXO, a color that only fits EXO, and a scent that only works for EXO! And a charm within all of that is me, D.O.” A fragrant stage… this journalist can’t be the only one that wants to definitely be invited to see that stage.


A warm Americano was passed onto Xiumin, who was looking for coffee before the interview. “I only like coffee. I drink coffee the instant I wake up in the morning. Not long ago I personally bought a coffee machine and capsules to leave in our dorms.” It’s to the point that he makes cappuccino and espresso for the members to fit their taste buds. As of lately Xiumin has become increasingly sharper. We found out he purposely was on a diet. While promoting in China under EXO-M recently, he had gained 5 kilo- after enjoying the delicious Chinese foods, especially his favorite huo guo (hot-pot). “While monitoring my performances on stage I realized this was no good. More than anything, I was extremely upset when my body wouldn’t express the temperate and strong dance moves on stage.” He returned to my original weight by following the standard exercise and eating less method. He has newly realized the importance of personal upkeep, and says he was complemented a lot for being very cool during these recent promotions. “Hearing my fans say that I got cooler gave me the flexibility to continue to take care of myself. I’m still trying and exercising right now, without ruining my health.” I asked if that’s why he drinks the low-calorie Americano. He says that that’s one of the reasons, but he drinks Americano because he wants to taste the natural flavor of coffee. He’s also planning to earn a barista certificate in order to open his own cafe. For some reason I believe the coffee he personally makes will have a scent and flavor that is very deep.

Cr. thecelebrity, justletmespazz. @merrygreece


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