[TRANS] Kris & Kai @ The Celebrity, vol. 01, “Music Fantasy”

KAI 카이

The father of a young boy secretly filmed his son’s ballet performance, which he learned since 6th grade, and sent it to SM Entertainment. “Although I auditioned because of the video my father sent in, I was dropped from the first audition. But afterwards I found this new world of dance, and began to dream of becoming a singer.” Thanks to ballet he even extensively researched jazz dance, and once again auditioned and this time qualified to become an official trainee. But the road to debut was not easy. There were a lot of good dancers among the trainees, like Shinee’s Taemin, which cause constant nervousness. “I’ve secretly peeked through the slits of windows to watch others practicing and even practiced for two days straight except when I would eat. Effort was the only road to survival.” His effort resulted in him becoming an EXO member which also resulted in an amazing debut. Thought he is tired from his constant schedule, he often looks up other musicians’ videos in order to keep his senses up to date. He especially watches his idols Michael Jackson and Chris Brown videos over and over again. “Even though I see a dance, I don’t copy it completely and instead try to change that dance to make it my own.” Kai who is passionate about dance, naturally begins to move his body to the music that flows during the middle of the photo shoot. Dance is his everyday life as well as something he wants to and something he definitely wants to achieve.

KRIS 크리스

There is a member that especially takes longer in the fitting room for the photo shoot. That person is Kris. As he speaks to the stylist about this and that about clothes, he tries on the clothes he likes and even holds it up against him while looking into the mirror. “I’m really interested in fashion. Music and performance is important on stage, but I also believe that clothes are just as important when portraying EXO.” When asked if there is a brand he likes, without hesitation he replies that he’s completely in love with Christopher Kane these days. He has no clue how time flies by when searching collections of various brands, or visiting the shop of a unique designer. “I don’t like it when it’s just about brand names and luxury. When there is style I like I carefully think and choose things before purchasing, and wear it for a long time. Rather than follow the trends, I also like to reform clothes to fit my style.” Kris is famous amongst his members for cuttings sleeves or scratching things up and making it the clothes very Kris like. He wants to one day launch his own brand so studies fashion on his own as well. “Although launching my own brand is far into the future, but if it happens to do well I want to use the profits to do something good. Because it’s a given that you give back the love that you received.” When I mention he could even be a model because of his great body structure he smiles and says, “I actually wanted to be a basketball player when I was younger.” Just imagining the clothes he would make, makes me believe they would be absolutely awesome.

Cr. thecelebrity, justletmespazz. @merrygreece
via: EXOphils


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