[TRANS] Baekhyun & Sehun @ The Celebrity, vol. 01 “Music Fantasy”


Amongst EXO fans, everyone knows that Baekhyun loves puppies. It’s to the point that he was given the nickname “Mungmoongee.” His fans him call that because of his droopy eyes which make him look like a fluffy white haired puppy. “I’m very interested in pets, because I had a pet dog ever since I was young. If I have the opportunity, I would like to raise an abandoned dog.” Baekhyun’s love for animals was deeper than I realized. Although he hasn’t been able to actually accomplish it due to his busy schedule, Baekhyun expresses that he wants to visit an animal shelter in good time. “It’s only a small wish, but when I succeed a little more and am able to do good for my community, I would like to open an animal shelter.” Baekhyun is more than aware that he must try even harder in order to achieve this. That’s why he’s never lazy when it comes to practicing and developing himself no matter how busy he is. Not only was he a guy that sang well, danced well, and even had many talents, but he also has a warm heart. Maybe that’s why Baekhyun especially hogs the love of noona fans. “I think it’s great that I have a lot of noona fans. Because even if I act a bit childish or do weird things, they understand all of it. But I hope they see my cool performances on stage and not just as cute.” The always cute and bright boy was suddenly becoming a young man with conviction. “There are so many things I want to do, but the reason I don’t rush into them is because I believe in timing. I hope many people cheer me on when I try out new things.”


The little rascal that was good at running and loved to run and play with his neighborhood friends. That was the type of child EXO’s Sehun used to be. After catching the eye of an SM Entertainment recruiter while he ate ddukbokki during 6th grade, his live started brand new. “I never even dreamed of becoming a singer. I impulsively auditioned and became a trainee, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I just did my best at what they told me to do.” Time passed like that as he trained, and he suddenly started to dream of “dance” during his 2nd year in junior high. Once he had set a goal, dancing every single day became enjoyable. “I gained confidence as people around me complimented me as a good dancer. I’m just lucky that I was able to find something I was good at at a young age.” He says he can’t imagine what he would be doing right now if he wasn’t a singer. Becoming an adult this year there are many things he wants to do. He wants to see a rated R movie, and even have a beer with his hyungs. “The thing I want to do the most is get my license and go on a drive on my day off. But it’s unknown whether the hyugns will actually get in a car that I’m driving.” The biggest goal for the now adult Sehun is getting EXO’s name out to even more people. He says that EXO would not be where they are right now without all of their fans’ support. Though his fans are more than understanding, he feels sorry to his fans because he’s unable to express his feelings very well. “Let’s go to the very end together. As long as our fans are with us, EXO will reach the top. I’ll make sure that happens.”

Cr. thecelebrity, justletmespazz. @merrygreece
via: EXOphils


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