[TRANS] Luhan & Lay @ The Celebrity, vol. 01, “Music Fantasy”


“Korea was a dream to me. That’s why I thoughtlessly came to Korea from China.” it may soudn rash, but in the end Luhan made his dream come true. Just a few years ago he was a regular student learning Korean at a language school while dreaming of becoming a singer. But then he was given a “fate” like chance. It was a proposal to be casted into SM Entertainment. “I could not believe it when I got casted. I still can’t forget the excitement and happiness I felt at that time.” He can’t imagine his life without music and dance, which began with his fondness for H.O.T during his elementary years. In order to chase after his dreams, Luhan came to Korea and attended a language school. While he took on a part time job at the university area of Shinchon, he familiarized himself with Korean culture. “It might be because I’ve lived in Korea for so long, but even my taste buds have changed to that of Korea. Beef intestine, pig’s feet, and loach soup are foods I enjoy the most.” These days Luhan feel the most greedy towards singing. “I’ve already started a list of songs I want to sing when I have a solo concert some day. I want to be able to show my fans an awesome performance as soon as possible.” The desire to hold a concert pushes him to practice today, and continue to practice. Luhan is happy that many people recognize and acknowledge EXO. He is happier than anybody else because he’s able to achieve his dream to show his singing and dancing to the masses. “I would like all 12 of us to be able to go on stage for a long time under the name of EXO. And in order to achieve that, I’ll continue to try my hardest.”

LAY 레이

Lay was able to start his solo career after coming in 3rd place in an audition program in Hunan, China. At the time Lay was an elementary school student, and therefore couldn’t make his dream of debuting a reality. “If I had debuted then, I wouldn’t have been able to become an EXO member. I like who I am right now. I mean the fact that I’m an EXO member, and even seeing myself on stage like this.” When asked if he has any lingering attachments to going solo his reply is simply, “Not at all.” Lay was able to join as a wonderful EXO member after a lot of effort. “I’ve always felt familiar with music, which might be because I learned to play a traditional Chinese instrument at a young age. I like to listen to Kpop, and Chinese pop too, of course. I would like it if Chinese mainstream music could gain interest just like Kpop.” After seriously learning dance, he started searching out and listening to rhythmical and exciting music. He even makes various dance moves that flows with different songs. Although he went through a hard time because of a hip injury due to excessive practicing, but when he’s dancing even the pain is forgotten. The stage is a place that excites him that much. He says in his unaccustomed Korean that he has something he really wants to say to his fans. “When I come out I would like it if you would scream a lot. Ah! Like that.” Lay who shows off hard charisma when on stage, was actually a guy that possessed a child and pure charm to himself.

Cr. thecelebrity, justletmespazz. @merrygreece

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