[INTERVIEW] Chen @ In Shanghai Oct. 10D Issue

CHEN Kim Jongdae
First time eating duck’s tongue

Kim Jongdae is not the oldest, but he naturally has a sense of maturity about him. Don’t know why, but looking at him, I actually thought of Bae… Yong… Jun… Is this because of the fact that he wore glasses today?

Q: Who is the first Chinese person you knew of?
A: Bruce Lee. Back then I watched his movie and thought he was very impressive! His image and the charms he showed through the movie, made me want to learn martial arts, just like him.

Q: What impression did you have of China since young?
A: From young, we will all learn Chinese characters, in school we learnt a lot of things related to China. Since young, I’ve not felt that China is a far and distant country.

Q: After actually coming to China, what is different from your initial impression?
A: There are many areas that are different. Take for example the food eaten. Yesterday, In Shanghai, I had duck’s tongue for the first time. In the past, eating duck’s tongue is something that I would not have even dared to think of.

Q: How have you come along in learning Chinese?
A: Because work is really busy now, the plans to study always get messed up. So I haven’t been learning very well. But because I live together with the Chinese members, my listening skills have improved greatly. As of now, I’m basically okay with listening to Chinese, but lacking in speaking it.

Q: What do you find is the hardest part about Chinese?
A: I find the different intonations in Chinese very hard, because sometimes if the intonation is different, the meaning is totally different.

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