[STAFF DIARY] Vitamin Like NEW~!!

Following the Old ver.„
New Photo has arrived. ^^

Because of the fans’ fervent support
EXO spent a happy first album promotional time
and is meeting everyone through
SMTOWN performance preparations and various activities„

In order to always show a more better side
today as well, EXO is diving straight into practicing hard.

In the blink of an eye„
there’s not a lot of time left till the end of 2013,
but there isn’t much time until the result of
EXO and everyone’s hard work is judged. ☞_☜

Hoping for a cool finish at the end
I hope today’s diary can become a huge energy to everyone.

Then, we’re going into the first vitamin like per-prescription ~~!!

[VITAMIN #1: Our name is EXO]

EXO-K and EXO-M become one

Not losing to the maknae, it is not the eldest hyung line
Kris, Xiumin, Luhan, Suho who are reliable
and brags a baby face
But along with ball of talent Chen, We are EXO~

[VITAMIN #2: Korea’s Beatles]
If there is Beatles in England,
then Korea’s Beatles?

Perfect transformation of Beatles~??
It’s a success~!! (^-^)v

[VITAMINS 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…]

One person„ by seeing even one person
charming boys who fill you with a fresh energy~!!
Continue~Continue~ I’m giving it to you~!! (^3^)

[VITAMIN 10: Last??]

Xiumin, who is deliciously drinking the drink
and Luhanie, who is jealous of the yummy drink~!!

Will Luhan be able to drink the drink? +o+

[VITAMIN #11: Living Vitamin Voice Park]

EXO that is filled in the camera of Chanyeol
who has completely filled with affection for his members~!
As much as their appearance, the photos in the lens are also very good~ (^o^)b

[VITAMIN #12: Vitamin that is a Waste to Even See]

Just by looking, happy energy is bursting into rages~!!
Whenever, wherever, our wolves that
make us smile with their faces that never lose their smiles~!! (^3^)Everyone~!!
You all know that our vitamins’ smiles are there
because of a prescription of everyone’s love?ㅎㅎ

In the future continuously~~~~ spread the prescription a lot~!!

Now!! Today’s vitamin prescription is only up to here~!!

In the midst of running together
there might be hard and tiring times
but for EXO that becomes stronger through everyone’s presence
let’s all Fighting~!!

“Go against it for the third time~! Even if you may cry the sixth time~
If you win over it five more times, you will start to see the end~!!”

The result of everyone’s hard work will finally be revealed tomorrow morning~!!!
The vitamins that I gave you today
fill your eyes with~~ and till the end Be!!! Strong~!!

source; staff diary
trans cr; nahbit@exok-trans

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