[TRANS] Kris @ In Shanghai October 10D Issue

KRIS Wu Yifan
Using his life to walk the airport

Even if it’s someone who doesn’t understand EXO too well, they too would have seen the various cool pictures of EXO’s members at the airports hotly circulating around weibo. Amongst them, the one that catches people’s attention the most, is Kris! Those styles, those poses, he has been deemed as ‘using his life to walk the airport’. The Kris in the pictures looks so cool, but in reality, when you talk to him, he has a natural sense of affinity, he is warm.

Q: Your drawings have an abstract style, have you ever thought of becoming an artist?
A: Hahaha (laughs uncontrollably). No. It’s just that once, on a programme, I drew a picture of a rhinoceros, but no one could tell that it was a rhinoceros, it was too abstract. Then, everyone started calling me an abstract artist. Haha, artist? That is the fans’ praise.

Q: Your usual outfits are very stylish, for example, the attire you wear when you’re frequently photographed at airports, everyone says that you’re using your life to walk the airport, what is this about?
A: Hahaha (laughs loudly again, he really likes laughing). I am very interested in fashion, I personally place a lot of emphasis on coordinating outfits. Usually when we’re performing as a group, we have a group style. Off-stage, I hope to have a personal style, so everyone is able to see what is different about me.

Q: Do you specially coordinate your outfit when you’re normally going out?
A: It’s not that I specially do it, I have to look at my feelings that day. I am still very happy doing it, because fashion is my interest.

Q: Your job as a celebrity, what is different from your imagination?
A: It’s not too different. Because in the past, I already knew that any job will come with its gains and losses, and behind that shining polished appearance, will always be silent sacrifice and hard work. Being a celebrity, you will lose your freedom, the sweat sacrificed behind it all, all these, I am prepared to accept. In all, just tell yourself, to treat it normally.

Q: Do you like being a celebrity? What other dreams do have?
A: Of course I like it. I have another dream, and that is to play basketball, and become a basketball player. Actually usually, when I have the opportunity, I will play basketball too.

Q: Basketball players and singers are both jobs that require you to give your all when you’re young, doing one, don’t you have to sacrifice the other?
A:  Yes. So, I’m drifting further and further away from my other dream. (a rather melancholic expression, he has many expressions…)

source; No17pervert
translation cr; amy @ exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

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