[TRANS] Lay @ In Shanghai October 10D Issue


Although at first glance he’s not incredibly handsome, Zhang Yi Xing leaves a huge impression on people. The reason he leaves such a deep impression may be because he talks the most or maybe that exaggerated body movement of his or those eyes that frequently open wide. They make you feel as though he is someone that is very seriously working hard to do this interview. Or maybe it’s because when he speaks he carelessly lets out his Hunan accent, making you feel: Yeah, even though he’s gone to Korea, he’s still a boy that holds the colours of his origin!

Q: When you were in Changsha, how did you live?
A: A really normal life. I was studying physics and chemistry in preparation for my college entrance exam, I was nervous to death for the exam.

Q: Did becoming an idol save you?
A: Yeah, hahaha. (He admits so clearly, what a honest person!)

Q: Hunan people tend to enjoy spicy food, are you able to eat spicy food in Korea? Do you miss it?
A: No, I can’t. I really do miss it (a very sincere expression). It’s only when my mum comes to Korea to visit me and she brings some Hunan food that she’s made or she comes to Korea to make some for me that I can have it. Only then I can satisfy my craving.

Q: What’s a task that you’ve wanted to complete recently?
A: A few songs. Most importantly writing the songs. In terms of the lyrics, I want to try both Korean and Chinese.

Q: Your fans have opened a charity foundation with your name, what’s your opinion on this matter?
A: I’ve heard of that. I really do this they’re something else, it’s so meaningful. Although I still think that the fans should do what they can. Looking after yourself is still the most important thing after all.

source; No17pervert‘s weibo
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans
please take out with full credits.

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