[TRANS] Luhan @ In Shanghai October 10D Issue

Lu Han
A deer that a hunter can’t even bear to shoot

It is unnecessary to use an excessive amount of words to describe Lu Han’s beauty. Aside from being pretty, he also has a delicate and attractive temperament; a deer that even a hunter can’t bear to shoot, but when he speaks, he still sounds like a perfect Beijing man. He encapsulates elegance and kind-heartedness, how wonderful.

Q: Before going to Korea, how was your life in Beijing?
A: I was a high school student. I went to school everyday. I was a boarding student, I lived in school. I went home on Friday evenings, stayed at home for two days, and then went back to school. Just like everyone else, normal.

Q: Were your parents supportive of you becoming an idol? What did your friends think of you becoming a celebrity?
A: At first, I went to Korea to study abroad, and then I debuted. My father supported me in becoming an idol. At first, mum didn’t really agree because she thought the job wasn’t very stable or reliable. After all, this is a road that once you’ve started walking, there’s no turning back. My friends couldn’t really picture it either. But through my own hard work, I helped them understand.

Q: What was most difficult for you when going to Korea?
A: The language. It’s not my mother tongue after all.

Q: What about Beijing would you recommend to your Korean friends if you had to?
A: The Great Wall……

Q: What about something a little more personal, where do you yourself like the most?
A: Beijing’s coffee shops. I like going to some coffee shops. For example, near my house, in the Haidian district, near Zhongguancun. I can only say up to here, I’m worried the fans will find it, haha.

source; No17pervert‘s weibo
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans
please take out with full credits.

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