[TRANS] Tao @ In Shanghai October 10D Issue

TAO Huang Zitao
A prince from fairytales

In a group of people, Huang Zitao does not have to do anything, he just stands out. Because he is really very tall. More importantly, he is skinny as well, so the visual impact is even greater. And today on his ears are two shining earrings, its different from everyone else. His eyes glint evil. Vampires, lonely and proud princes…. Just like the main character in fairytales. He comes from Qingdao, over there, there are a lot of beach cities that are like those ancient Europe castles.

Q: Qingdao is very beautiful, you who have grown up in Qingdao since young, how would you introduce everyone to your hometown?
A: Very pretty, very busy, a lot of history… And Qingdao’s beaches are very famous, it’s worth going to.

Q: What was the hardest about being a trainee?
A: The time I spent in the company was the shortest, up till now it’s only been about a year. So in order to catch up with everyone else in that short period of time, I have to put in even more effort. This is what I think is the hardest part.

Q: Who is your favourite celebrity? Why do you like him/her?
A: I have never liked a celebrity before. I like them, because I like their work, and not the person themselves. From the past till now, it has always been like this. (A person with his own ideas!)

Q: As the person ‘in charge of martial arts’ in the group, how did you build up the basics of your martial arts?
A: I started practicing martial arts when I was five, I’ve always practiced while growing up, and participated in a lot of competitions. (Note: Intially, the individual questions had stopped here, after a while, this person specifically requested to add on to his answer.)
A: I want to specify, the so called ‘in charge of martial arts’, is only that when martial arts moves are required, then I come out. My biggest responsibility is still music. I am a rapper! (Indeed a kid with his own ideas!)

source; No17pervert
translation cr; amy @ exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

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