[INTERVIEW] Chen @ Men’s Style Nov. Issue

What is your most favorite Chinese dish?
Men’s Style: What exercise do the EXO members like? What is your favorite exercise?
Chen: Every member’s favorite exercise is different, they like to play basketball, play soccer, cycle etc… … My favorite exercise is cycling.
Men’s Style: They say that you are the Korean member with the best Chinese? Do you have any tricks to learning Chinese? What is the funniest thing that has occurred while you were learning Chinese?
Chen: I don’t know if I’m the best at Chinese (reporter: It really has the feel of China ^^), but to be honest, I always put in my best effort practicing to pronounce words the way the Chinese members do, if I get the pronunciation or tones wrong, it becomes something with a different meaning, so I am very careful when I speak in Chinese. So, I am particularly concerned with the pronunciation.
Men’s Style: Which Chinese lyrics of a song in the album left the deepest impression on you?
Chen: In ‘LUCKY’: You are my first love! (t/n: or literally, you are my first time at love)
Men’s Style: What is your clothing style? How do you think a guy should dress in order to be the most fashionable?
Chen:Street fashion! That kind of style that you would easily see on the streets.
Men’s Style: What is your favorite Chinese food?
Chen:Lamb skewers!
Men’s Style: Have you seen the families of the Chinese members? Can you comment on the Chinese members?
Chen: I have seen them. I always feel that they are really like my own parents.

Speed Questions:
Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
A: A guy who is gentle on the outside but strong on the inside!
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
A: To be honest, we usually talk about singing, we also talk about all the other random things!
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most want to realise?
A: There is none, because if a dream is fulfiled in the short term, then there isn’t much meaning!
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
A:12 members altogether!
Q: What type of men do you find easiest to admire?
A: To be honest, I too am a man, I feel that the males that are charismatic are those that are tall, broad shoulders, sturdy, and those with a good personality who always treat people with a smile on their face!
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
A: Hello everyone! I am EXO-M’s CHEN! Hope that everyone will like us being able to show you the different sides of us from the stage through this magazine! Dear fans, we are really thankful to you all for being concerned, supporting and loving us all this while! I love you all~^^

source: 魅力先生主编向未’s weibo
trans credit; xuan @ exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

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