[TRANS] Baekhyun @ Men’s Style November Issue

What do you do when you face a problem?
Men’s Style:We know that you want to be an all-rounded artist, looking at yourself right now,which areas do you feel you are good at, which areas do you feel you need to work harder on?
Baekhyun: I am good at singing, but in terms of acting and entertainment, I still need lots of practice, and accumulate lots of experience.
Men’s Style: When you just joined EXO, we heard that you had more interaction with TAO, but TAO’s Korean wasn’t that good and you didn’t know Chinese either, how did the two of you communicate?
Baekhyun: There’s this phrase -Body language is the best! As expected, it really is!^^ Right? Using hands and feet, and using expressions, I am able to express my thoughts!
Men’s Style: In the future if there’s a chance to film a movie/drama, what kind of character would you most like to try?
Baekhyun: I want to try a very mischievous character.
Men’s Style:Although it’s 12 boys living together, do you occasionally find that there are things that you are shy about?
Baekhyun: Not at all!
Men’s Style:What is the biggest hope your family has of you? What kind of person do you wish for yourself to become in the future?
Baekhyun:  I want to become an all-rounded artiste, my family is very concerned and takes good care of my health~!
Men’s Style:When you meet problems and setbacks, how do you usually solve it?
Baekhyun:  I will usually voice out my troubles to the manager geges or the jiejies at the company’s training department, and discuss it with them.
Men’s Style:Who is the person and what is the thing you treasure the most in this world?
Baekhyun:  I treasure my family the most, and my job, I am always working hard for my future!

Speed Questions:
Q1: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
A: If someone has both humanity and humour, I think he is charismatic! Also someone who is able to be all-rounded like a fairy pitta!
Q2: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
A: Usually we talk about topics related to games, when we’re holding a family meeting we talk about the areas on stage and in our daily lives that we’ve each done well in and areas that need to be improved~
Q3: In the short term, what is the dream you would most want to realize?
A:I hope that at the year end awards we will be able to win big and good awards! (? reporter’s comment: It’ll definitely be big big, the biggest award!^^)
Q4:When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
A:Go to America with CHEN and learn a bit of singing and dancing!
Q5: What type of men do you find easiest to admire?
A: A man with humour, talent and has manners~
Q6: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
A: Everyone, please love Men’s Style, and hope that you will all be able to love EXO even more!!

source: 魅力先生主编向未’s weibo
trans credit: amy @ exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

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