[TRANS] Kai @ Men’s Style 魅力先生 November Issue

Whose singing do you like to listen to the most?
Men’s Style: I’m aware of the fact that you’re all quite busy at the moment, during your breaks though, what do you usually do? What sort of websites do you go on?
Kai: During breaks, I’m usually either listening to music or dancing, or I’m riding my bike or reading a book~ when I go online, I tend to look at news through Naver or go on Youtube~
Men’s Style: What sort of sports are you skilled at, Kai? What type of sport do you want to try out the most?
Kai: In actual fact, I don’t have much talent in terms of sports, but I do really like football! So I hope that if I get the chance, I’d like to go to Chelsea FC arena at Stamford Bridge to have Fernando Torres teach me football personally.
Men’s Style: What snack do you enjoy eating the most? Recently, has anyone treated you?
Kai: Roast duck! Everytime we get roast duck, I’m the only one who gets takeaway.
Men’s Style:One day, if you were given the opportunity to be the oldest in EXO, what would you make these “little brothers” do?
Kai: I wouldn’t make them do anything, I’d want them to get to know each other even more, to love each other~ To be honest, our leader is already doing it really well.
Men’s Style: Who do you think has the strongest stage presence within the members?
Kai: I think that each member has their own opinion and style to create a great stage image.
Men’s Style: Whose singing do you like listening to the most? Within and outside of the members.
Kai: The Weekend, Asap, Rocky, Maxwell.

Speed Questions:
Q1: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
A: Someone who is filled with enthusiasm towards their work or what they’re doing, a person who does their utmost best to do something!
Q2: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
A: Things about the entertainment circle!
Q3: In the short term, what is the dream you would most want to realize?
A:I hope that we can hold our very own solo concert soon! That way, we can play around with our fans to our heart’s content even sooner!
Q4:When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
A:I want to go to a place where no-one will be, with Suho! Because, as leader, he always takes care of us members, he’s made so much effort and has worked so hard for us – I want to give him some time to recover~
Q5: What type of men do you find easiest to admire?
A: Men who are very enthusiastic about their jobs!
Q6: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
A:Hello everyone! I am EXO-K’s Kai! I’m very glad to be able to meet everyone through this magazine! We will present to everyone an image of EXO who have gradually grown, everyone please support us a lot! Please look forward to it, okay!

source; 魅力先生主编向未’s weibo
trans credit; xuan @ exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

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