[OFFICIAL EXO-M UPDATE] Kris’s Birthday Message to Fans

Kris's Birthday Message (Chi. Ver) Kris's Birthday Message (Kor. Ver)Kris @ Beach

This is a late letter,
However the love and feelings inside are only increasing not decreasing.

For us this year is not an ordinary year,
Fan-Qin(Kris’s name for his fans) accompanied me through times of difficulty and darkness,
And also accompanied me through a year’s worth of bits and pieces, witnessed my growth and your growth,
Accompanied me and together received the highest degree and honor that I have never thought will be able to reach.

Even though the road ahead is still very long, I still must say that I am already deeply contented!

With every one of you accompanying me, I feel serenity,
I feel strong, I feel an infinite amount of possibilities and hope.

To every one of you who are so dear to me, thank you!!!
I believe that not only last year, but also this year and every upcoming year’s today will all be unforgettable!
All that you have done for me, your endless support and recognition are my impetus that is enabling me to move forward.

In actuality, life does not need to be smooth sailing, because only a life like this can enable people to become more stronger.
Hereafter, I will continue to use my limited time and energy,
To the greatest extent, bring to you all happiness and joy.
Thank You

Trans cr: @Icingonyou

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