[NEWS] Tao to Appear in New SBS Variety Show ‘Kim Byung Man’s Shaolin Fist’?

EXO’s Tao is looking over an offer to appear in a new SBS pilot variety show with the working title “Shaolin Fist.”

According to an SBS broadcast official on December 23, SBS is preparing to launch a pilot show as a New Year’s special titled “Kim Byung Man’s Shaolin Fist.” The official also revealed,“The show will be filmed at the Shaolin Temple in China from January 1 to 5.”

The rep emphasized, “’Shaolin Fist’” will be shot at the headquarters located in Henan Province of China not the Shaolin School which have been previously featured on television.”

Comedian Kim Byung Man will be joining the cast along with 3-4 other members. Tao is on the list as a potential cast member. In connection to this, a representative of SM Entertainment stated, “It is true that Tao is looking over the offer to join the show.”

Tao is a Chinese member of the boy group EXO famous for his skills in martial arts. He has perfected his wushu skills for 11 years, and there are video clips confirming his martial arts ability.

The rest of the cast members will consists of people in their twenties and thirties who have an interest in martial arts.

“Shaolin Fist” will air as a pilot program as a New Year’s special, and the chances of making it into an on-going show is also a possibility.

Source: Soompi

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